Britney’s upcoming tour will have an “apocalyptic” vibe, according to her manager Larry Rudolph.

He spoke with MTV last weekend at Britney’s Vegas show.


“This is exactly the direction we’re moving in,” he explained about the show’s futuristic, post-apocalyptic vibe that fits with her second Femme Fatale single. ” ‘Till The World Ends’ keeps becoming a theme for us.”

“The way we come up with a concept for a show like this is we sit with Britney, she talks to us about what she’s interested in and what excites her,” Rudolph explained. “We start with the songs on the album; we start with coming up with general, broad concepts. She tells us what interests her and excites her, and from there, we have [the input of music tour director] Jamie King and [choreographer] Brian Friedman.”

Curious to see what an apocalyptic theme for a concert is…

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