New York Daily News: Britney Spears has apparently decided that her relationship with manager Larry Rudolph is sooo “Toxic.”

A Lowdown spy reports that on Monday, the new wife of former backup dancer Kevin Federline abruptly parted ways with Rudolph, who has managed the 23-year-old pop tart’s career since she was 15.

Reached for comment yesterday morning, Rudolph told Lowdown, “I’m still her manager. Whatever you’ve heard is completely false. We’re at work on her greatest hits album, to be released on Nov. 16.”

But a few hours later – after Lowdown placed multiple calls to Spears’ associates – he was singing a different tune.

“Britney and I simply realized that we have done all we can do together and have amicably parted ways after eight years,” Rudolph said through his rep.

Lowdown hears that Rudolph and Spears didn’t re-up their existing agreement and that his management agreement with the singer runs out at the end of the month. While Rudolph’s rep wouldn’t comment on the nature of the split, the Lowdown spy was happy to speculate on how Rudolph allegedly sealed his own fate:

“Larry forced Britney to get the annulment from [first husband] Jason Alexander. And he forced her to sign a prenup with Kevin Federline.”

The spy added: “Bryan Spears, Britney’s older brother, was always trying to push Larry out of the picture. Bryan has the managing bug.”

Yesterday, Spears’ spokeswoman denied such speculation.

“They parted ways amicably, and Britney wishes him the best. Bryan has nothing to do with it. Larry had nothing to do with the prenup.”

So who’s going to skipper the S.S. Spears?

“She doesn’t have a new manager,” the rep said.

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