Larry Rudolph: Britney Happy With Custody Change, Won’t Appear For Less Than $400,000

Larry Rudolph allegedly gave an interview to Jonathan Jaxson last night, who confirmed to me the two spoke via telephone, and spoke about Britney. Here it is:

Jonathan Jaxson: How is Britney?
Larry Rudolph: Great.

JJ: Is she happy with her new custody order?
LR: Yes. She loves her kids. She will be with them on Saturday and then again on Monday.

JJ: So she won’t be appearing in Las Vegas Friday to support Christian Audigier and his new club opening?
LR: No. Visitation can not be changed. I mean she would lose her children if we tried to.

JJ: What would it take to book Britney for an appearance these days?
LR: It is nearly impossible. There would have to be private jets, an entourage of security guards, child services, 5-star accommodations for all, and an appearance fee no less than $400k.

JJ: So she wouldn’t do an appearance if I were to set up an event during Miami Fashion Week where she would get $20k for appearing and $10k to one of her foundations?
LR: Absolutely not. She would not appear for any less than $400k, even if you donated over $10k to her organization. It is a HUGE production to have Britney Spears appear any where. Besides, if she isn’t spending time with her boys, she is recording for her new album.

JJ: Well, thank you!
LR: Thank you.

Although the owner assured me the conversation is real, I still have my doubts. She’s happy with the custody arrangement? Britney won’t appear for anything less than $400 grand? Why is Larry speaking so candidly if true. Odd…

UPDATE: A source close to Larry Rudolph has told me the article above is fake. There you have it kiddies.

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