Britney had no idea who Kathy Griffin was during the “Freakshow” bit in Piece of Me.

Leave Britney alone!

Comedian Kathy Griffin is an avid Britney supporter, so it’s puzzling why she chose to take a few easy digs at the princess of pop during a new sit-down chat with legendary television host Larry King.

Griffin was one of Britney’s freakshow participants at a 2014 Piece Of Me show. At the time, Griffin said the “Slumber Party” singer’s security warned her not to talk to Britney one-on-one or look at her in the eyes, saying: “I wanted to talk with her and just say hi and they honestly kept saying: ‘no, no she can’t.'”

Curiously, Griffin expanded on Larry King Now by taking a few jabs at Brit, and King wasn’t having any of it.

Kathy: How many times has Britney been on your show?

Larry: Twice I think.

Kathy: Tell me about that. What was that like? Did you get the pinwheel eyes?

Larry: Yea, she’s very pretty…

Kathy: You know what I’m talking about. She’s not all there, Lar.

Larry: She’s OK. So what’s your point? What are we talking about?

Kathy: I’m saying that I hope you were gentle with her, because she’s a fragile…

Larry: So what’s your point?

Kathy: Nothing, I just wanted to know if you got through to her in a way her doctors couldn’t.

Griffin goes on to detail the “Freakshow” encounter and admits Britney didn’t know who she was.

Come on, Kathy. We know you’re Team Britney, so get with the times!

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