The LAPD is finally commenting on the investigation first reported by TMZ earlier this month.

As we said, Sam Lutfi is under investigation by the Robbery Homicide division of LAPD for allegedly drugging Brit. LAPD officials first said there was no such investigation. Now, Captain Kyle Jackson of Robbery Homicide has issued the following statement:

“The issues regarding Britney Spears are being considered by the department to determine if laws have been violated. Particular suspects have not yet been fully identified nor has a formal investigation into open charges officially commenced. At this time we don’t know whether or not a formal investigation will be initiated.”

Source: TMZ

TMZ says Sam is being investigated, but the statement from Captain Jackson says otherwise. Hmm….

UPDATE:Officer Anna Aguirre of the LAPD:

“That’s false; there’s no case that has been initiated against him. Robbery Homicide has not confirmed that. As of right now we don’t have anything official — there’s no actual investigation, per se. There’s no actual investigation that we’ve been involved in.”


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