LAPD Chief: “We Need Britney Spears To Stay At Home”

February 22, 2008 By Jordan Miller

That’s right! Lock her up! Don’t let her live a normal life! Have her assistant constantly do things for her and make Britney stay in her room! Britney doesn’t need to get her own Starbucks and gasoline, she’s freakin’ Britney Spears! BRITNEY FREAKIN’ SPEARS!

Well, if LAPD chief William Bratton had his way, this would be the case. No wonder the paparazzi have virtually no restrictions; he blames Britney, not them: “What we need is Britney Spears to stay home instead of traipsing all over town,” said Bratton in a recent statement to a local LA radio station via “What you have is several young women in this town and several young men basically making fools of themselves and tying up not only my resources but the resources of the media that would do better covering legitimate stories instead of a bunch of airheads running around out there.”

You tell em!

Forget that this girl has 50 men following her, knocking down men, women, and children… Maybe if there were some actual paparazzi laws, your prescious resources wouldn’t be so exhausted!

Hmmm… Probably shouldn’t make enemies with the LAPD chief still. Love you!

Take a listen!