Maybe the best new song of this week.

Going through it? LANY are here to help.

If you don’t know, LANY is a very good band from Los Angeles that are rather excellent at making melancholy synth-pop. Sad-pop, maybe? Anyway, you should know.

Their self-titled debut album is coming out this summer and today they released “The Breakup”, the fourth song we’ve heard from it.

As a wise woman sitting by the ‘piana’ once said, “Some of the most touching songs are the songs from heartbreak”, and I think that stands correct for some of the best pop songs, like this one.

Lead singer Paul Klein sings of falling fast and crashing hard over the guitar-led production, which is somehow both rather sombre and perfect for a spring day.

“‘Cause once you let it go, you better know it’s gone / It’s never the same, oh, after the breakup / It’s never the same love, don’t try to make up.”

Honestly, is there anything better than a sad pop song? One that doesn’t sound like a ballad but is probably sadder than most ‘proper’ ballads.

Listen to “The Breakup” below.

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