For the Super Bowl?

The band’s getting back together again!

Justin Timberlake is reportedly finalizing a deal to headline the 2018 Super Bowl Halftime Show, but before you get your hopes up for an *NSYNC reunion during the most-watched televised event of the year let me finish.

Lance Bass says the band WILL reunite in a few months (the Super Bowl is in a few months), but it’s to celebrate the band getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. UGH.

“Yeah, we’ll be getting back together in a few months when we get our star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame,” he told In Style. “We’re just planning that celebration right now. It’ll be really fun!”

Don’t lose all hope. Bass says he and the rest of the band have been checking in via group text. “We had a group text on Sunday actually,” Bass aid. “Joey [Fatone] sent around an old video where he was flipping Chris [Kirkpatrick] onstage, and Chris landed on his head. It was a major flip fail that I don’t even remember happening because I was on the other side of the stage. So we’ve been having a lot of fun with that one.”

OK. Great. Cool. But what about a reunion on stage?

“I mean, anything is possible, of course. It’s not something that we’re talking about, but never say never.”

Basically confirmed…!

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