Lana Del Rey's "Ultraviolence" Album Leaks

We’re in the day and age where it’s rare to see an artist’s work remain under lock and key until its release date. Such a cruel world (reference).

Lana Del Rey’s album, “Ultraviolence,” leaked onto the Internet on Wednesday. The 14-track compilation is her follow-up record to 2012’s “Born To Die.”

Obligatory statement: Pre-order it on iTunes.

However, if you did manage to find it, get ready to fill your bathtub to the brim, light some dark red candles and listen as her audio tune guides you through new and amazing positions.

01 Cruel World
02 Ultraviolence
03 Shades of Cool
04 Brooklyn Baby
05 West Coast
06 Sad Girl
07 Pretty When You Cry
08 Money Power Glory
09 ****** My Way Up to the Top
10 Old Money
11 The Other Woman
12 Black Beauty
13 Guns and Roses
14 Florida Kilos

Better run and hide, Lorde!

Meanwhile, Lana explains the inspiration behind her music is the D.

“Men are my passion,” she smiled to German magazine Neon. “I like the male energy, their stability and predictability in relationships.”

“Many of my friends are intellectual, creative men,” she explained. “Many of my songs that seem to have a romantic theme aren’t actually about love, just men in general and the influence they’ve had on me.”

And Lana knows exactly what she wants.

“They don’t have to be rich or where they want to be in life. They just need to know the general direction,” she summarised.

“I’m passionate about my imagination,” she smiled. “My imagination makes my life richer, more colourful. It’s like Technicolor.”

Odd, I pictured her mind more like black & white tbh.