Lana Del Rey’s Newly-Surfaced Song “1949” Is From Another Time

May 12, 2016 By Jordan Miller

“1949” is the most gorgeous song you’ll hear this week.


“We’re gonna party like it’s “1949,” Lana Del Rey references Prince in the best way in this indie-pop tune.

“1949” flawlessly epitomizes the creativity tucked away in the ultra-violent mind of Lana Del Rey. Accompanied by a simple guitar melody, Del Rey croons about soda pop, bathing suits, blue nail polish, road tripping, does it matter? She’s never sounded better.

A demo version of the song was apparently floating around for years, but the studio version, which was left to collect dust on the cutting room floor, finally surfaced. Hopefully she’ll craft more like it! Del Rey recently revealed she’s back in the studio working on her Honeymoon followup.

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It’s no surprise Lana’s never mentioned the song. She told fans earlier this year the grainy “Honeymoon” music video was scrapped because “nothing really happened in it.”

Nothing really happens in anything Lana Del Rey puts forth, and we like it that way.

Listen to “1949” below:

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