The return of Del Rey is nigh!


It looks like new material from Lana Del Rey could be coming sooner than we were expecting.

According to model Jake Mast, the first single from Lana’s third studio album ‘Honeymoon’ will be called “Music To Watch Boys To” and a video’s already been shot.

Although no one really knows anything about Jake (so you’d be forgiven for filing this under the ******** category) he’s definitely been hanging with Del Rey and if he’s to be believed, their collaboration will be hitting our screens and headphones sometime in June, which fits the little we know of Lana’s timeline for this project.

Details of the track are obviously sparse beyond its title, but knowing that Mark Ronson has produced at least part of ‘Honeymoon’ and that Lana’s promised a return to the kind of sound she played with on ‘Born To Die,’ it’s not unreasonable to start getting excited. Lana Del Rey has quickly established herself as a melancholy force to be reckoned with and no doubt her new record will live up to the lofty heights of her first two mainstream efforts.

Is your body ready for Lana’s return?