Taylor’s impact.

The old Lana can’t come to the phone right now.

Why? Because her Instagram and Twitter are dead. Somehow, someway, an anonymous Internet hacker gained access and hijacked the singer’s social media accounts, which reaches 14 million people combined, and started scrubbing away her existence.

If you head to Lana’s Instagram account, it’ll appear as if Lana has never uploaded: “No posts yet,” it reads. At the time of posting, nearly all of her Tweets from the last eight years had also been wiped. It only features one Tweet per year advertising her albums.

Word on the street is that the hackers put her accounts up for sale on the dark web. Whatever the hell that means.

This is all that remains:

Last week, a hacker hijacked Selena Gomez’s IG account and posted **** photos of Justin Bieber. That issue was fixed in a matter of minutes, but nonetheless it happened.

In June, Britney Spears’ Instagram account was the medium for Russian hackers to communicate malware to one another. Read more about that here.

This is extremely violating and alarming that even the most influential people on the planet are susceptible. Especially our pop girls.

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