Lana Del Rey’s “High By The Beach” Actually Debuts At No. 51

August 18, 2015 By Jordan Miller

Billboard reported it wrong and Lana’s fanbase is going nuts.

Billboard faces MAJOR heat after reporting misinformation regarding Lana Del Rey’s “High By The Beach” charting position.

Surely heads will roll. Billboard claimed on Monday Lana Del Rey’s latest single debuted at No. 7 on the Hot 100 and No. 1 on the Digital Songs chart with 248,000 downloads. That would have marked the second highest debut of the year after One Direction’s “Drag Me Down,” but after new charting information surfaced today (Aug. 18), the music giant was forced to admit fault.

They posted a retraction this afternoon, saying: “This story has been updated to reflect new chart data, which was reprocessed by Nielsen Music following the story’s original Monday posting. As a result, Lana Del Rey’s “High By the Beach” debuts at No. 51 on the Billboard Hot 100 instead of No. 7. On Digital Songs, it debuts at No. 10 instead of No. 1, with 67,000 sold, instead of 248,000, as originally reported. The information below has been updated to reflect corrected data.”

They previously reported it beat out Lady Gaga’s debut single “Applause,” but now that everything’s cleared up, Little Monsters are tearing into the site. One comment posted under the article says, “AHAHAHA so Lana sold only 67,000 and will debut at #51, and they said sold more than Gaga with Applause! Queen Gaga wins again, Lana Del Flop go home, LOOOL.”

No. 7 and 51 is a HUGE discrepancy and makes us wonder if other reporting is as inaccurate. At the end of the day the big question is… HOW?