Lana Del Rey Registers New Song Titled “Wild Side”

November 2, 2016 By Jordan Miller

What is the meaning of this?


UPDATE // NOVEMBER 2: Where there’s smoke… there’s fire!

Lana Del Rey’s real name (Elizabeth Grant) was registered on music publishing site ASCAP under a song titled “Wild Side.” This pops up a week after a radio personality claimed Lana’s new record drops in November.


According to ASCAP, the song is produced by Greg Banks, which could quite possibly be this guy:

Stay tuned…


Lana Del Rey could be releasing a new record just in time for the holiday season.

Lana Del Rey put out a casting call in June asking pretty young people to submit their resumes for a new music video. It was reportedly shot between July 5-7, but no word on what it was for ever came to light. Fans suspected the Honeymoon singer is readying a new record, and an update from radio personality Mike Adam says the songstress will come through in November.

Del Rey is hard at work creating new material; she’s been spotted at the recording studio many times in recent months. And for good reason… anything she had in her arsenal for a rainy day is likely now on the Internet. Lana has suffered a ton of recent song leaks this year, the latest being synth-pop bops “BBM Baby,” “Other Woman” & “Girl That Got Away,” among others.

In other news… James Franco is being sued for head butting someone in the stomach at one of the pop star’s concerts.

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