Listen to previews of “Freak” and “Music To Watch Boys To.”

Lana Del Rey Teases Two New "Honeymoon" Songs

All she wants to do is get high by the beach and listen to music to watch boys to.

Sounds like the perfect day for Lana Del Rey, who previews two new songs from her forthcoming album Honeymoon out Sep. 18 in a new four-minute album trailer, including “Freak” and “Music To Watch Boys To.”

The music continues in line with her previous releases off the record. They’re haunting, breathy ballads that requires a certain mood to fully enjoy, but can be still be appreciated from afar.

One fan described the chorus in “Freak” like a “muddy down-tempo Florida Kilos. It’s like a darker HBTB with some echoey guitar strums.”

“Music To Watch Boys To” will serve as the album’s second countdown single following “Terrence Loves You.”

Check out the trailer below:

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