Lana Del Rey Teases Second “High By The Beach” Video Teaser

August 12, 2015 By Jordan Miller

It premieres tomorrow.

Lana Del Rey promises several things in her new “High By The Beach” visual:

It will take place at the beach, there will be blood, and it will be her doing. We’re just one day away from Lana Del Rey premiering her new music video for the toxic ode to drugs and love, and from what Del Rey’s shared thus far it looks like the normally melancholy singer is plotting revenge. In her latest teaser, the “Honeymoon” singer is seen holding a weapon of mass destruction as she strolls inside her beach-front property.

Lana posted a snippet several days ago showing a helicopter hovering nearby, so we can only imagine what the over-sized gun is aiming for. Watch it here:

Listen to “High By The Beach” here: