Lana initially canned the video because it “didn’t really go anywhere.”


UPDATE // JULY 5: Lana Del Rey’s entire scrapped “Honeymoon” music video surfaced:


Lana Del Rey’s “Honeymoon” didn’t really go anywhere.

When Lana Del Rey initially shared her album title track “Honeymoon” with fans last year, she used grainy, indie-esque filmed footage to accompany it. Turns out, the clips were destined for the song’s official music video, but it was never formally released.

Fans didn’t understood why until Lana decided to post two new clips from it over the weekend, admitting the final video never came to fruition because “nothing really happened in it.”

Never put it out because nothing really happened in it

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Del Rey opted for a similar-style video with “Freak,” so all is right in the end. Sort of… her two new “Honeymoon” snippets received more than more than 250,000 likes in less than a day.

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