Lana Del Rey shares the latest song from her new album, Norman F—ing Rockwell.

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Leave it to Lana to dream up a ridiculously long song title like “Hope Is A Dangerous Thing For A Woman Like Me To Have – But I Have It.” It could have easily been called “Hope Is A Dangerous Thing” or even “Hope,” but I appreciate longform writing more than ever.

On it, Lana sing’s Disney princess vocals trickle over a somber piano melody.

The singer is facing scrutiny for one of the lines in the track: “I’ve been tearing up town in my ******* white gown / Like a goddamn near sociopath / Shaking my *** is the only thing that’s / Got this black narcissist off my back.”

Some fans insist the line isn’t addressing her feuds with either Kanye West or Azealia Banks, because they claim she wrote it before the drama. It’s worth mentioning Lana called Kanye narcissistic last year.

Some insist it’s a term for depression. Others are under the impression the line refers to 1947 film, Black Narcissus. Regardless, it should have been cut.

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The new offering is a clear indicator the songstress is readying to release her forthcoming LP.

Del Rey also revealed she wrote a short book of poetry and is unfortunately canceling some upcoming gigs.

Elsewhere on Twitter, Lana confirms what we all secretly hoped for: no, not a mixtape of b-sides, silly. She’s becoming a vlogger. Lana says her New Year’s resolution is to “live more like an Instagram baddie/YouTube vlogger in my real life.” Same, tbh.

Listen below:

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