Lana Del Rey FTW.

Lana Del Rey FTW.

The pop star performed for hundreds of thousands of people attending Lollapalooza in in São Paulo, Brazil, on Sunday (March 25). Not only were those in attendance completely captivated by her Lust For Life setlist, but the Internet tuned in, too, helping launch the singer to the top of Twitter’s Worldwide Trending Topics list.

Lana struck while the iron was hot – she used the moment to drag Radiohead, who reportedly began legal proceedings against her for copyright infringement. Lana confirmed the band wanted 100% of the publishing for her song “Get Free” because they believed it copied their 1993 hit, “Creep.” Read more about that here.


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During her show at Lollapalooza, Lana revealed the lawsuit is a thing of the past and then took the opportunity to slam them.

“Well, f–k. I guess now that my lawsuit’s over I can sing that song anytime I want, right?,” she said, before throwing a death stare and puffed a drag of a cigarette.

RIP Radiohead.

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  1. The song does sound undeniably influenced by Creep. I don’t think the resemblance warranted a lawsuit, but she’s kinda stupid for laughing this off. She just keeps calling attention to what is obviously a heavily-inspired song. The first time I heard Get Free I immediately drew a deliberate connection.

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