The dreamy ballad is classic Lana.

Lana Del Rey Premieres "Terrence Loves You"

Lana Del Rey shows off her soaring breathy vocals in “Terrence Loves You.”

Over the weekend, paparazzi asked Lana what her favorite Honeymoon track was, and she responded “Terrence Loves You” because it’s jazzy. The dreamy track highlights Lana’s iconic sound as she coos about losing herself and her former flame, Terrence. It’s co-produced by Rico Nowels and Kieron Menzies, who also worked on “High by the Beach.”

“Well I lost myself when I lost you,” she sings. “But I still got a chance when I’ve got the blues.”

Listen here:

Del Rey announced today “Honeymoon” is available for pre-order tomorrow along with the track list, and not before long the album cover surfaced. Many fans weren’t thrilled with it, but to be honest her disgust of the media (trust us, we catch the irony) translated through her depiction and art is refreshing. In “High By The Beach,” Lana guns down a paparazzo in a nearby helicopter, and with the album cover she’s mocking the fascination people have with celebrities. BreatheHeavy approved.

Lana Del Rey Premieres "Terrence Loves You"

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