All I wanna do is get high by the beach.

Lana Del Rey Premieres "High By The Beach" Video: Watch

Lana Del Rey premiered her gun slinging new music video for “High By The Beach.”

After teasing the mellow drama for her first Honeymoon visual for several days, Del Rey came through on her word. The entire music video for “High By The Beach” dropped today (Aug. 13), and it’s the murderous mantra to drugs and toxic affairs we’d hoped for and then some. In the visual, Del Rey whisks around her beach house. She lounges in bed. She prances around the hallways. She flips through a tabloid (one which reads: Starlet Goes Overboard). As soon as she approaches the balcony, viewers see a helicopter with accompanying paparazzi hovering over the house. Lana isn’t dealing with any of that ********, so she runs out of the crib and grabs her guitar case from under the oceanside rocks. To the surprise of viewers, there’s no guitar in that bad boy. Lana ends up pulling out an oversized machine gun and blows up the helicopter in typical badass style.

Note to the paparazzi: All Lana Del Rey wants to do is get high by the beach, so leave her alone. kthxbye

Watch it here:

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