Does it feature The Weeknd or not?


Lana Del Rey’s album title track, “Lust For Life,” drops May 19, according to

ASCAP claims the The Weeknd wrote on the song, so naturally fans assumed he’d feature on it, but his name doesn’t appear on the schedule. Either he is solely a co-writer and it’s a lone Lana track, or they’re trying to keep his feature a surprise. Stay tuned…


Lana Del Rey and The Weeknd team up once more.

Weeknd features Lana on two songs off his most-recent album Starboy, including “Party Monster” and the “Stargirl Interlude.” She’ll return the favor by featuring him on an upcoming song off her forthcoming record, tentatively titled Best American Record. According to music publishing website ASCAP, the two have a track titled “Lust For Life” together.

Lana’s been a bit quiet since releasing her dreamy lead single, “Love.” It appeared earlier this month the songstress had plans to release the album title track ahead of her show at SXSW, but instead she went back to the drawing board. Perhaps she’s eying this Weeknd collab instead?

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