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There is so much to absorb in Lana Del Rey’s new sit-down interview with Complex magazine.

She touches on the many facets of her new album Lust For Life, including her friends like A$AP Rocky and The Weeknd on the record and the influence “Summertime Sadness” remix had on her budding career. One of the highlights was when the interviewer asks Lana about her outspoken political stance against Trump.

“I would imagine you have a decent number of middle-American fans for whom Trump’s inauguration and administration is not problematic,” he informs Lana. “How do you negotiate expressing your own honest feelings about these things and do you think about whether it’s going to piss them off?”

Lana makes one thing clear: her opinions aren’t up for negotiation. “I think you just don’t negotiate when it comes to your work or your art,” she says. “You just stand totally firm and take the consequences. In terms of losing fans I don’t care. Period,” she says with a laugh.

Complex also points out that for being a socially and politically tumultuous time in the world, her work is the most optimistic it’s ever been. “Well there was a little bit of a shift in me naturally,” she said. “I felt like I had kind of said a lot and done a lot through the records. I was ready to have some of my friends jump on the record [and] they were all naturally a little bit lighter than me, so that was kind of happening in my world. I felt like two years of recording really dark tunes would not be fun.”

It’s a beautifully shot, honest interview worth your undivided attention. Watch below or read it here.

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