It’s not often Del Rey opens up in an interview, but the “Honeymoon” singer gets candid in her latest.

Lana Del Rey Details "Honeymoon" In Candid BBC1 Radio Interview

Lana Del Rey offers a rare insight into her “Honeymoon” record.

Lana Del Rey dropped into Huw Stephens’ show for BBC Radio 1 to chat about her new record.

“I actually made the entire record just in California,” she says. “I didn’t travel around too much. I worked with the same guy that I’ve done pretty much the last two records with, Rick Knowles, we were just in his studio in Santa Monica.”

Del Rey admits just when she thinks she’s going to take a break, she gets a creative resurgence and wants to put forth new material.

“I think I always think I’m gonna kick back and then it’s right when you kind of start to relax that all the good ideas come to you,” she laughs, “so you kind of start something again. I feel so lucky to keep on building up a discography that I really love. It’s been pretty amazing.”

As for where the title “Honeymoon” came from, Del Rey says she “loves the word Honeymoon,” adding “I guess I just love the idea of kind of hoping that everything’s gonna turn out really beautifully. It’s probably the most romantic word that there is.”

One day if she does get married and goes on a honeymoon, Del Rey imagines she’d like to go where her parents traveled to for theirs: the Bermuda.

She continues of her record, “I can’t decide if it was really straight ahead or if it’s really far left. It started with me knowing exactly what I was doing, and then when I was trying to build it bigger… instead of going bigger the songs were still really left but the production got louder so I think it gave it that kind of trippy feel. Almost like a touch of psychedelian instead of going pop.

Listen to the insightful interview below:

PS – yes, Del Rey has worked on new music outside of ‘Honeymoon’ already.