For the film “Hi, How Are You Daniel Johnston?.”


Lana Del Rey contributes her unparalleled vocals for yet another film.

It’s funny, but it’s true. Lana Del Rey stars in another movie soundtrack, this time for a new short-film titled Hi, How Are You Daniel Johnston? starring Daniel Johnston. The psychedelic film centers around Johnson speaking to his 1983 self during the creation of his album Hi, How Are You.

The film launched a Kickstarter campaign to in 2013 help get it off the ground, and much of the funding came from Del Rey. She also provided a dreamy, folky cover of Johnston’s 1990 single “Some Things Last a Long Time” for the film.

The song was previewed last week, but the full tune is now online:

How Are You Daniel Johnston? will be available on-demand beginning November 13th.

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