Lana Del Rey and Jack Antonoff performed new country music at Antonoff’s Ally Coalition benefit concert.

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A real trend these past two years was for pop stars to churn out a stripped, country-esque pop album. Gaga had Joanne, Miley had Younger Now and Kylie Minogue had Golden. I never imagined Lana Del Rey would substitute her moody melodies for something light and airy, but it works, folks. It really, really works.

Lana and Jack have released several songs together this year, including “Venice *****” and “Mariners Apartment Complex,” but during their studio time together they managed to create a collection of syrupy songs that Lana herself describes as “country.”

One of the new tunes is reportedly titled “I Must Be Stupid for Being So Happy.” She sounds like a Disney princess on it.

Watch Lana chirp these precious gems below:

PS – super sorry about this story from earlier; it’s garbage.

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