Lana Del Rey’s melancholy imagination could take center stage on Broadway.

Lana Del Rey’s melancholy imagination could take center stage on Broadway.

Before the singer’s life was threatened by a crazed, knife-wielding man, she partook in an interview for L’Officiel USA with Kim Kardashian, Grimes, Marina and the Diamonds, Sean Ono Lennon and Courtney Love, among others.

The questions are all over the place. Grimes asks Lana her thoughts on artificial intelligence, Marina questions whether our personalities are shaped by the way we look and Love wants to know why the Lust For Life singer has “stolen my unconscious and made me your musical slave?” Valid.

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It’s a pretty great read, and one of the gems that caught the Internet’s attention is Lana’s admission that she began writing a Broadway musical with longtime collaborator Rick Nowels.

“I thought about writing a biopic about someone that wasn’t real,” she said. “Actually, I was asked to write a musical, which I’ve started. It was for Broadway. I may finish in two or three years. Me and Rick have written something, so we’ll see.”

I would love this! I can imagine Lana dreaming up a socially-charged story about a robot from another planet in the very distant past falling in love with a girl from the super future, but the politics from their world’s keep forcing them apart but their unwavering romance endures anyway. Damn, maybe Broadway should give me a call instead.

Read the full interview here.


Just want to say a big thanks to all the amazing people who work at this magazine and to everyone I did the interview with❤ This is their first USA issue!

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