LAILAV shows off her luxurious lifestyle in the “Hypnotize” video.

LAILAV shows off her luxurious lifestyle in the “Hypnotize” video.

Who is LAILAV? She’s an International Pop Sensation / Recording Artist / Certified Audio Engineer / Actress / Model / Fashion Designer / and Brand Ambassador with influences in EDM and Hip-hop. In other words, we’re all basic peasants living in LAILAV Land.

Proof? Her new song and music video for “Hypnotize,” a song she says was written as a tribute to Biggie Smalls. For reference, the track uses Biggie’s iconic instrumental from the original.

“My brother, DresslikeJesus, is the inspiration behind it,” LAILAV tells “He told me to simply my flow with sophistication and styles that represent my high end lifestyle that other 90’s lovers could have remembered from the legends such as Biggie, P Diddy, Lil Kim, Versace and that whole era of classic hip-hop.”

She adds: “the beat to me was universal and able to reach not only from west coast to east coast down to the south, but even to the people overseas who cherish hip-hop and urban culture.”

As for the video, LAILAV shot most of it in front of a massive Biggie mural that she says was located in the “legendary burrows of New York.”

The pop sensation also offered this little fun fact: “The little boy you see in the video was actually outside riding his bike. He saw us filming and asked if he could be in the video… he freestyl danced to my song with [only] two takes even though he had never heard my song before… he was on beat!”

If you haven’t heard of LAILAV, give this video a play and get to know a star. Watch:

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