Gaga enlists three-time Grammy Award winner mixing engineer and a famed drummer for help.

Lady Gaga's Recording Something Funky And Punky


Gaga is busy filming her scenes for American Horror Story: Hotel , but she somehow managed to spare a minute to record material for LG5. It’s fitting considering The Countess wants to take the inspiration from her ominous role in Murphy’s upcoming series and parlay “the art of darkness” into forthcoming record.

Last month, three-time Grammy Award winner mixing engineer Phil Tan (for Mariah Carey’s “The Emancipation of Mimi,” Ludacris’ “Release Therapy” and Rihanna’s “Only Girl”) Tweeted American gospel/soul/pop/hip-hop drummer Spanky McCurdy about their collaboration together on an upcoming Lady Gaga song, saying “It was great working with you last night @Spankydrumz on the LadyGaGa track. Live drum beats are our obsession, man. #FunkThePunk.”

McCurdy responded today (Sep. 4), but it leaves us wondering what the phrase “funk the punk’ means.

We’re assuming it’s nothing to do with an album title or track name and more about the sound they’re aiming for. Now if only Gaga can translate her diamond pasties and band-aid into a song, we’ll be good. So good.

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