Lady Gaga's Next Album Due 2016

While Little Monsters enjoy Lady Gaga’s character on American Horror Story, she’ll be hard at work in the recording studio in anticipation for her next pop record out in 2016.

Lady Gaga’s ever-blossoming career is no accident. It takes a lot of planning and preparation to conquer the world in pop music, and Mother Monster is always strategizing.

“It’s funny to see a lot of websites and blogs saying, ‘Why is everybody shocked that she’s so incredibly talented?'” says Gaga’s manager Bobby Campbell to Billboard. “The world is celebrating her talent in a very mainstream way.”

Blogs like BreatheHeavy (receipts).

Campbell adds Gaga’s projects have been in the works for a better part of a year, and that her new pop record probably won’t drop until next year.

Steve Berman, vice chairman of her label Interscope adds: “It was important that the message is the yin and yang of Gaga.”

That spiritual balance is evident, says super-producer RedOne, who worked with Gaga on “Poker Face” “Just Dance” and “Bad Romance.”

“She has a cleaner life and I have a cleaner life now — I see her happy, smiling like the girl that I knew before,” he says. “She’s in a really ­beautiful place.”

In a separate interview, RedOne claims Gaga’s next record could be “album of the decade.”

“The new material feels great. And that’s what it is like with me and her – when we both feel great, it’s incredible. A lot of it is to do with trust, no ego, just love for the music. And when it’s fun and respectful, putting the egos aside, it’s magic.”

Sit tight, Monsters. Mama is busy!