Not quite what we wanted to hear, but we’ll take it.

Lady Gaga's New Music Is "Super Duper Sweet"

DJ White Shadow says Lady Gaga’s new music is “super duper.”

And “sweet.” Gaga’s long-time collaborator and friend, DJ White Shadow, who had a hand in “Applause,” “Bloody Mary,” “Government ******” and “Do What U Want,” was asked to describe Gaga’s new music in three words during a Twitter Q&A with fans. His reply? “Super duper sweet.”

But of course Gaga’s music is super duper. She’s reportedly collaborating with Paul McCartney, Giorgio Moroder, Diane Warren and RedOne on the new record out in 2016.

We hoped to hear “phenomenal, brilliant, inspiring,” but we’ll take what we can get.

Gaga recently told Little Monsters she can’t wait to share her new music, saying: “I dream of the morning we share in my new music together. When the new era of Monsters begins again. And the cycle continues.”

Via Gagadaily

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