Lady Gaga’s New Album ‘Joanne’ Described As “Country Pop Rock”

September 21, 2016 By Jordan Miller

“If you’re looking for pop, you’re **** out of luck. If you’re looking for rawness and vocals and instruments, you’ll live.”


“If you’re looking for pop, you’re **** out of luck. If you’re looking for rawness and vocals and instruments, you’ll live.”

That’s how one Little Monster, who claims to have attended Gaga’s intimate Joanne listening party in New York City last night, is describing Gaga’s forthcoming record.

While we were oogling over Lady Gaga gyrating in the desert in her new Ruth Hogben-directed video for “Perfect Illusion,” Mother Monster was teasing her new material to 100 lucky fans. Though they were sworn to secrecy, some took to Twitter to reveal juicy tidbits, including the direction Gaga is taking things.

One fan in attendance told PopCrush that the album “was sorta if you took Dolly Parton, Lily Allen, Beck and Bruno Mars and threw them into a blender,” calling it “an incredibly emotional, personal album for her. Definitely one that shows growth as an artist and in confidence.”

“Honestly it wasn’t what I was expecting. It’s a very country rock pop influenced album.” They add don’t expect “techno dance songs or anything like that…but there are some POPPING club jams.”

Gaga is taking a chance.

“I think they will love it if they are open to seeing her grow as an artist like Beck has. Beck has played around with so many different genres and this definitely does that,” they continued. “Based off first listen I’d rank this as a tie to Born This Way, which is one of my fave albums from her.”

Another fan called the album “impeccable,” and said the album has “a pretty good blend in production, very live instrument focused…a lot of guitars,” with “a crossover moment” that could work at country radio — and even “a reggae one.”

“If they love Amy Winehouse and Stevie Nicks they’ll love this. It’s that type of record.”

Some of the song titles noted from the listening sesh include “Diamond Heart,” “Angel Down,” “Ayo,” “Million Reasons,” “Pino Girls” (which is apparently wrong), “Sinners Prayer,” “Come to Mama” and “Just Another Day.”


“A lot of this record is about me delving into my relationship with my father, understanding him, healing my relationship with him,” Gaga recently said of Joanne. “Also, about my relationship with my girl friends. One of my best friends has stage four cancer and I wrote a song about how me and my friends would get together without her to cry, because we couldn’t cry in front of her. And then there’s songs like “Hey Girl” with Florence about women lifting each other up. So, each record is about these sort of different things I’ve experienced just going back to being a woman and erasing fame from the equation when I’m in the studio.”

If you’re not sure what to think, let this quote from one of the listeners put you back on track: “To sum up the record in one word: Country.”

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