Lady Gaga looks sinister on the new issue of EW.

Lady Gaga's Killer AHS Magazine Cover For EW

Lady Gaga gives a lifeless stare on the cover of EW magazine.

Gaga is American Horror Story: Hotel’s newest star, and they’re celebrating with a grim cover of her splashed in blood for EW. According to show creator, Ryan Murphy, Gaga’s character is “a glamorous socialite who attends art openings and fashion shows and maintains her looks not from a steady diet of kale but from imbibing human blood.”

Gaga’s schedule is so busy, Murphy says she gave them a huge window of time to shoot all her scenes at once. “She likes to be sort of doing one thing at the time,” he said. “So when she is acting with us she is going to be acting. But she has been very collaborative and incredibly fun. You know when you work with somebody like her you sign up for something that is larger than life, and that’s what you want. And that has proven to be the case now. You know part of her role involves fashion. You want Lady Gaga to look a certain way so the designers have been coming out of the woodwork making stuff for us. It’s been really, really thrilling, people’s reaction to her.”

Fellow castmate Matt Bomer dropped a few details regarding Gaga’s role in the TV series, which is a love triangle between them and Tristan, played by Finn Wittrock.

“I can’t go into details,” Bomer said, “but even the take they have on my character and Lady Gaga’s is so fresh and original. I hadn’t even thought about it that way before.”

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