Gaga’s recent mic feed leak proves the ***** can sing.

Remember when Taylor Swift’s live vocals from the VMAs leaked? It caused an uproar on Tumblr and a spike in sales for wool hats and flannel, but also forced her fans to realize the recording studio can lend some major help to a musician’s vocals (Taylor Swift can sing, relax. I heard the voice memos at the end of “1989”).

Not needed for Lady Gaga!

Mother Monster’s mic feed leaked from her performance of Sting’s “If I Ever Lose My Faith in You” at The 37th annual Kennedy Center Honors last week, and amidst the scream-singing inspired by Christina Aguilera is an awesome, rare look at a superstar musician’s raw vocal talents. There are definitely a few moments where my hands grasped the arms on my computer chair because holy **** my treble is turnt, but overall it’s a radiant rendition of the song.

Here’s the isolated feed (I’d like to hear your thoughts):

I wanna scream and shout.