Lady Gaga's "Do What You Want" Video Leaks

Lady Gaga’s music video for “Do What U Want,” the second single off “Art Pop,” never got an official release because she feared a backlash for working with R. Kelly, who was previously involved in a child *********** scandal, as well as the director Terry Richardson, who currently faces charges of sexual harassment and assault.

The Post says the models’ allegations against Richardson have shaken Gaga’s people and triggered her change of heart over releasing the video.

In the video, R Kelly reaches under a sheet, Gaga moans. He responds saying: “Sounds like that medicine’s starting to kick in.”

Then, the video cuts to a party scene over that same hospital bed. R. Kelly lights up a cigar while nurses crawl over and toy with Gaga’s body. Another scene catches her in a room, either in dancing in a dress of tabloids or naked and writhing explicitly.

It’s pretty graphic! Gaga is reportedly furious about the leak.

Terry Richardson has denied doing anything inappropriate with his models.

Watch the video here: