Check out this vintage 1920’s take on Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance.”

Youtube stars Postmodern Jukebox will make Lady Gaga proud with their cover of “Bad Romance.”

Ever wondered what Mother Monster’s monster dance anthem, “Bad Romance,” sounds like with a 1920’s Great Gatsby twist? Well wait no more, because Postmodern Jukebox’s Ariana Savalas sings it incredibly and gets a lovely accompany from dancer Sarah Reich. The whistle intro is everything, then her vocals backed by the classy instrumentation and the tap dancing by Savalas makes for an original clip.

We’re sure Gaga will appreciate this rendition considering she’s currently touring and promoting her jazz album, “Cheek To Cheek,” with the legendary Tony Bennett.

Check it out above, then watch Gaga sing a stripped down version of “Edge Of Glory” just cause:

Vintage, so adorable. Did you like their cover of “Bad Romance?”