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Lady Gaga Writes Letter Upon “Til It Happens To You” Submission To Radio

Gaga says “I have in that time never witnessed a public reaction like the one I am seeing today.”


Lady Gaga wrote an open letter to radio encouraging their participation in spreading an important message.

Mother Monster admits she’s pleasantly surprised about the reaction she’s received following her performance of “Til It Happens To You” at the Oscars on Sunday. Though the song did not win an Academy Award for Best Original Song, Gaga’s message stole the spotlight. Her label Interscope sent the song to radio this week for an ascent in the Top 40, and she’s helping jumpstart the climb with a note.

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Gaga addressed the letter to “Friends and Radio Programmers all over the country.”

“I have been lucky enough to put out records with all of you for almost a decade. I have in that time never witnessed a public reaction like the one I am seeing today after my performance at the Oscars.”

She added, “I pray you will all today put your faith in a song that can set an example to be brave and courageous, through life’s obstacles. Through the power of radio, I hope we can remind listeners that they are not alone.”

The release announced Gaga and Interscope will donate a portion of the proceeds to Know Your IX, End **** On Campus and Carry That Weight.

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