Lady Gaga has plans to cover an iconic hit from Amy Winehouse.


Lady Gaga has plans to cover an iconic hit from Amy Winehouse.

There are dozens of phenomenal selections for Mother Monster to choose from, and it’s all for a good cause. Gaga is one of many famous musicians today that lists Winehouse, who would have turned 33-years-old on Wednesday (September 14), as an inspiration. She’s reportedly in talks to cover a song for on Winehouse’s official YouTube channel to raise money for the Amy Winehouse Foundation, The Sun reports.

“We’ve got this new YouTube channel where stars all over the world are going to do an Amy track and however many hits we get after the first 2 million, we start making money for the Foundation,” Winehouse’s father Mitch revealed at North London’s Zebra One Gallery during an exhibition to mark the fifth anniversary of the foundation. “Leona Lewis is going to do one, Lady Gaga will do one, and a few other stars.

Perhaps Adele?

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“Hopefully it’s going to be a source of revenue for the foundation. We need money and that’s a great way to get cash and remember Amy, go on YouTube and have fun.”

When Winehouse passed in 2011, Gaga wrote on Twitter: “Amy changed pop music forever, I remember knowing there was hope and feeling not alone because of her. She lived jazz, she lived the blues.” In an interview with The View, Gaga said she couldn’t sleep for days. “I am just so devastated and so sad and I really could not speak for 48 hours straight, I was in such shock.”

Mitch befriended Gaga’s family in recent years, and had this to say of the Joanne singer: “I love Lady Gaga. I know she’s bit kooky but I’ve met her mum and dad, they’re a lovely hard working family, from New York. She’s like Amy, when she comes home from work she puts the tracksuit on, watches TV and kisses and cuddles her grand- parents. Lovely kid …”

Earlier this year, Mark Ronson likened working with Gaga on Joanne to Winehouse.

“We get each other very well,” he said of Gaga, “like it used to be with Amy. After all, we both love music so we started writing songs for this record. She’s a wonderful person.”

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