Lady Gaga Wants A Vegas Residency

August 22, 2014 By Jordan Miller

Lady Gaga Shares New Song Off "Cheek To Cheek"

Is Lady Gaga taking a page out of Britney Spears’ book and planning a Las Vegas-type residency? Her “Cheek To Cheek” co-star, Tony Bennett, says Gaga mentioned Sin City as an option for the two to intimately perform together.

Bennett tells Billboard:

“She’s kind of exhausted from playing for 45,000 people a night. She said, ‘Let’s just play for three to six weeks in Las Vegas.’

He added: ” She has the idea of just performing at Radio City for possibly two weeks with her. It’s amazing how she’s planning out how we should perform together, and it won’t be those 45,000-seat places because I work in acoustical halls all the time, or outdoor theaters sometimes. I’m not interested in playing to 45,000 people a night, so she’s finding places where we could work for three or four days, or three or four weeks, in one place at a time. That’s how she wants to work with me.”

In fact, another jazz album is already in the works, possibly with Cole Porter this time.

“She said, ‘Why wait? Let’s do it right away.’ So we’re gonna do two albums in a row with her. We’ll have to try and do that as soon as possible, just as a follow-up for a second album.”

“(Gaga) has that audience in the palm of her hand,” Bennett explains, “and by doing this with her it’ll go right to those little kids. They’ll grow up listening to this music. It’s great music, and it’s never going to become dated. It’s never going to become old fashioned. It’s very intelligent music that everybody, and especially these young people, need to know and appreciate.”

I’m not sure I can wait that long in between solo studio albums… The idea is great in theory.