Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett Recording Follow-up Jazz Album

Lady Gaga’s juggling her new pop record and a second jazz album with Tony Bennett.

After rehearsing “Cheek To Cheek” at the Staples Center this week in preparation for their Grammy performance on Sunday, Gaga and Bennett went backstage to reveal their jazz collaboration saga is all but over. Sure, they’ve performed countless times together around the world, but their adoration for one another grows as does their music catalogue.

Bennett told the LA Times he can’t get enough of Mother Monster, saying:

“She’s a very good singer. She’s not a flash in the pan. That’s why I had to do these great standards. And it’s really paying off because the album’s so big. Now we’re about to record an album of all Cole Porter songs. That’ll be the second album.”

I imagine there’s some sour Little Monsters at the moment who’ve patiently waited for their pop goddess to return to them, but rest assured. Gaga tour and promoted “ARTPOP” while showcasing her jazz essence, and I imagine she’ll do it again.

As for her pop record, Gaga’s got some big names on her side, including famous disco producer Giorgio Moroder, possibly Adele, Diane Warren and Paul McCartney.

Are you ready for another jazz installment?!