Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett Perform On GMA

Lady Gaga dances cheek to cheek with Tony Bennett on Good Morning America.

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett sang the “Cheek To Cheek” title track bright and early on GMA Wednesday morning in New York. Before they took the stage, Gaga and Bennett tell Robin Roberts why jazz music is so important and what their relationship is to one another.

During her interview with Howard Stern yesterday, Gaga expressed her adoration for the 88-year-old music icon and her love of jazz:

“What I have experienced is just a total ******* joy with music again. There’s nobody autotuning my vocals when I’m not looking. Nobody’s changing the levels or adding production without telling me. It’s just singing. It’s music. It’s live.”

See Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett perform “Cheek To Cheek” on Good Morning America here: