Gaga has been honored with quite the award.

Lady Gaga’s considerable talent as a songwriter is being recognised by the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

In just seven short years Lady Gaga appears to have thoroughly earned herself the title of icon thanks to her stage theatrics, controversial costumes and, most importantly, her brilliant pop songs. The Songwriters Hall of Fame haven’t missed the fact that Gaga has a hand in writing the vast majority of her solo material and, according to the Associated Press, will award the “Bad Romance” star their very first Contemporary Icon Award on June 19.

Gaga’s in good company, also being inducted into the hall of fame this year are Cyndi Lauper and Linda Perry amongst others and her status alongside said prolific songwriters is a welcome vote of confidence from the HoF.

Many will question Gaga’s suitability for such a title given the comparative brevity of her career, but the award appears to be aimed at working, current artists more so than those with decades of experience under their belts. It’s also worth remembering that 2015 marks the first time the group will award this award so we don’t have any past winners with whom to compare Lady Gaga.

Gaga is known for her zany lyrics, her reluctance for the overly literal and the fact that girlfriend knows her damn way around a hook.

Let’s celebrate with her best track to date:

More of this on the new album please Gaga.

Do you think Gaga is a suitable recipient for the Icon award?