LG5 has arrived.


Lady Gaga is kicking off her next era in sunny ol’ England.

After confirming that her comeback single “Perfect Illusion” will premier tomorrow, it’d seem that Gaga’s heading across the pond to drop the track onto UK radio. Host of the popular breakfast show Nick Grimshaw, took to Twitter to reveal that the Lady herself will spend tomorrow morning with him and the Radio 1 team, presumably debuting “Perfect Illusion” at the same time.

There’s no word as to what form the track will take yet, nor any confirmation of Gaga’s forthcoming album, but a short leaked snippet (find it yourself, we enjoy not being shut down by copyright claims) along with stills from the official video seem to suggest that the “Bad Romance” star is going for a rockier tone this time around. All things considered, a change in pace is probably in Gaga’s best interests after the commercial and critical fiasco that was her fourth major label release, ‘ArtPop’ (2013).

We’re looking forward to seeing Gaga’s latest reinvention on tomorrow’s show, and hopefully some more info about when we can expect LG5 and what kind of genre’s the superstar’s been experimenting with. One thing’s for sure, with Mark Ronson and Tame Impala at the helm, the album is sure to make an impact.

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