This is probably the most exciting and disappointing thing you’ll read all day: Lady Gaga sang a bit of a never-before-heard song titled “Frankenstein” at her Joanne concert in Indianapolis last night. YAY! But she did so backstage during the meet & greets with Little Monsters. Meaning, no one has any visual or audio proof of it. WAHHH.

In fact, that’s all we know, but the speculation surrounding the track is wild.

Here are the rumors:

■ “Frankenstein” was recorded during pre-Joanne, but wasn’t used on the album because it didn’t fit. Why are we under that impression?

■ Because it’s reportedly produced by RedOne. He’s responsible for some of her biggest hits (“Bad Romance,” “Alejandro”).

■ There’s also talk that the song details her struggle with chronic pain caused by fibromyalgia.

Gaga knew what she was doing when she teased “Frankenstein.” This is not random, and I imagine we can expect to hear a proper studio version of it sooner than later. There’s even buzz she’s readying an album of b-sides (songs left on the cutting room floor), and “Frankenstein” will be the lead single. Stay tuned, Monsters.

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