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What CAN’T This Woman Do? Watch Lady Gaga Conduct An Orchestra In The Recording Studio

Lady Gaga is hard at work on new music with “The Cure” producer Mark Nilan Jr.


Lady Gaga is hard at work on new music with “The Cure” producer Mark Nilan Jr.


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Nilan muted the audio (ugh), but he shared a video of Gaga in her element.

She was conducting a live orchestra in the recording studio.

It’s not clear what the performance will be used for (she’s hard at work on a sixth studio album, a record with Tony Bennett and the soundtrack for A Star Is Born), but I’m a fan of anything Gaga puts her heart into!

Check out the clip below:





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Nilan and DJ White Shadow, who is also working with Mother Monster on new tunes, comprise the record production duo named Detroit City. They helped cook up last year’s one-off single, “The Cure.” Nilan also played a role in the piano ballad version of “Joanne.”

It appears Gaga was so taken with Nilan’s work, that she asked him to be a part of one of her many new projects.

Check out the photos below. Nilan shared a picture of himself working on a new Gaga tune. “I’m with Lady Gaga and we make REAL music,” he wrote. Low-key pretentious but I’m here for it.

Apparently, that went well… cause he followed it up with another post. Gaga sent him a bottle of champagne and a note: “U know uve got a good song when they give you this,” he said.

We’re going to need receipts, Mark.


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