Gaga tells Fallon ‘American Horror Story: Hotel explores the theme of addiction. Watch her 10-minute appearance after the jump!

Lady Gaga Talks American Horror Story On The Tonight Show: Watch

Lady Gaga says the art of darkness fascinates her.

Kind of the perfect trait to have if you’re starring in Ryan Murphy’s new season of American Horror Story. On Tuesday (Oct. 6), Lady Gaga dropped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to chat about the new season, and says she’s fascinated by dark and “scary things.”

Gaga plays The Countess in the sixth season, a blood thirsty, ****-crazed hemophiliac.

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“There is a very interesting exploration of themes of addiction and themes of survival,” Gaga tells Fallon.”We’ve kind of isolated ourselves from one another. We don’t communicate the same way, there’s not as much human interaction and connection. We’re all on our cell phones, we’re all on the Internet, we’re all emailing one another… as a result there’s this really strange world that Ryan has created of these very narcissistic characters that are all trying to survive in their own way… you find yourself going ‘what is right and what is wrong and what is good and what is evil, and when is it OK to be cunning in order to survive and in order to keep your happiness?'”

“That’s what’s great about the show. It really goes there.”

The two also had a lengthy discussion about Gaga’s polar plunge earlier this year, detailing the time she and fiancé Taylor Kinney jumped into Chicago’s freezing Lake Michigan in support of the Special Olympics.

Watch Lady Gaga’s appearance below: