She’s coming!

This week, Lady Gaga hung out with some friends, listened to music and carved pumpkins. One of them, presumably hers, had the words “F–k this” written on it with a knife stabbed into the top. MOOD.

Gaga shared a snap of it, but what she may or may not have realized is that her iPod Touch was pictured in left-hand corner of the shot, and on it read the words “STUPID LOVE.”


Little Monsters believe this is the same iPod Gaga used to play her grandmother songs off Joanne before the music was officially released. It’s a pretty handy piece of equipment because it can’t connect to Wifi, meaning hackers won’t get their hands on her new music (at least this way).

It’s also worth mentioning a supposed clip of “Stupid Love” leaked this past summer. The fan who posted it received a copyright infringement complaint and the audio was deleted. Where there’s smoke… there’s fire. Or in this case, “Stupid Love!”

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