Lady Gaga’s new LG6 single surfaces.

A new song by Lady Gaga titled “Stupid Love” has leaked in high quality onto the Internet, though it’s unclear if it’s a demo or the finished version. There’s buzz she’ll officially release it on February 7th. Though her team denied that, where there’s smoke… there’s fire.

Hours after Little Monsters discovered the song title “Stupid Love” buried into the code on Gaga’s official website, the full song spilled onto the Internet.

Obviously, we can’t share the song due to copyright.

Gaga has since addressed the leak in the best way possible.

“Stupid Love” features a pulsating synth beat and powerhouse vocals from Gaga that are reminiscent of something you’d find on Born This Way.

It’s unclear if the song will see an earlier release date because of the leak.

This is undoubtedly an unfortunate scenario for Gaga. Her last studio album, Joanne, leaked ahead of schedule as well. In her documentary, Five Foot Two, cameras filmed as Gaga was informed her new music was “hemorrhaging” (as she put it) onto the Internet.

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  1. She first wanted his bad romance and now she wants his stupid love? (…..)
    I love ’80s sounding songs but I’m kinda tired of them already. Are they still a thing? Should they?
    This is a nice song… Like, for a disco or an arena show with friends or fellow fans, but definitely NOT for first single material.
    Uggh and you can tell that it was produced by BloodPop, that guy washes down all the songs he works on, my worst fear about him producing some of her new music came a reality… I don’t think this is a demo, this must be the finished product; the thing is that this is the way he likes his songs to sound like… I don’t get it.

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