There’s buzz Lady Gaga is aiming to release her new music in the fourth quarter.

Lady Gaga has been hard at work on her sixth studio album for some time now. Now that she’s done riding the wave of A Star Is Born and has successfully launched her beauty line, Haus Laboratories, the pop super star has her sights set on finishing up a new pop album.

There’s a rumor that the lead single drops in October, and the album will debut in the beginning of 2020.

Gaga recently shared a snap in her Insta-story at the mic in what appears to be a recording studio. She wrote the word “music” on it. A few days later Gaga cryptically Tweeted the letter “f.” Queen of toying with our minds.

Gaga has reportedly collaborated with some musical heavy hitters on the new LP.

Scottish producer Sophie confirmed she worked on music with Gaga.

German techno producer Boys Noize might also have a hand in the project.

“She’s down [with] techno. What’s crazy, too, is she got into modular stuff now,” he said. “I brought my modular system and she spilled water on it right away, but it kind of broke the ice I guess and we wrote a f—ing hit I think! Now she’s into modular, she bought a system, and I went back to Berlin and came back and she had a new system and we used that on some of the songs.”

It’s worth mentioning some of Boys Noize’s music magic was used in Gaga’s show Enigma.

We know LG tapped producer BloodPop, Burns, Mark Ronson, Diplo and “Shallow” co-writer Anthony Rossomando as well.

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