Lady Gaga Struts Back To Her NYC Apartment

Lady Gaga confused New York City locals on Tuesday as she made her way back to her apartment after a recording session with Tony Bennett for their upcoming album, “Cheek To Cheek.”

You may think she’s walking in this photo, but the real tea is she stood there and posed like that for about three minutes. Just like that!

The people in the back simply can’t handle it. They can’t handle her wig, her dog Asia, her outfit, her expression or those diamond-thingies on her legs.


Earlier in the day, Gaga stepped out in a tan dress and she looked like this (I think I approve of. I can’t decide):

Lady Gaga Struts Back To Her NYC Apartment

Meh. I’ll roll with it, but I DO advise giving that wig a major rinse with some Head & Shoulders. I imagine it smells like my grandma’s old sofa. Use your imagination.